Monday, September 16, 2013

Email Not Found...Pokerist must be going to ground!

Just tried signing on to my Pokerist account, as i have done almost daily for the last few years, and low and behold my account no longer exists. Sooo, maybe I had forgotten my password, go to password reset and email address not found. Pokerist, what the hell is going on? If its not that you are switching servers on us, you are now just shutting our accounts down! Are you that desperate for money?

This site is becoming a greedy little corporation - clearly of wannabe thugs!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Server three, server one, server four.. pokerist what's the score?!

You're playing along, winning chips, laughing with friends.. Then BAM out of nowhere, you go to sit back at your table, and everyone has left! You think to yourself, did I down that last shot a little too quickly? Have I lost wifi? Hhmm, maybe if I log out and log back in that will fix it?! No my friends... YOU HAVE GONE TO POKER JAIIIILLLLL!

Hey, I'm with you on this one.. Jail, for an on line card game? Yes my lovely's poker ... Stinkin..... Jail! You lose your friends and are sent to purgatory for however long the Poker Po Po think you should be there. And ohhhh no, no making new friends over there, let it be known, you are in solitary confinement. And please, don't even think about drinks, toilet paper throwing at the loser lotto player and forget sending a kiss to the cutie on the other side of the table... Nah ah.. No VIP, no gifts and noooo goodies for you! You could have had a full month of VIP left, consider it gone, you're a pleb now! Though they are gracious enough to leave you with all of your chips... Minimum bet of course is a cool million! Thanks, infact, you might as well take them too!

Whilst I'm here, I went to change my location.. Ye no! Can't do that. So went looking for help, ye no! No help!

Pokerist, what is it you can do outside of taking our chips, send us to poker po po, and take away our freebies!? We want answers god damn it!!??


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pokerist - it's all a scam!

After numerous emails to the 'Pokerist support team', of course without reply, I took it upon myself to open a blog/comment page for all, with the hopes that Pokerist might actually begin to listen to it's users.

How many times must we be ripped off by these guys? I have numerous screen shots showing their blatant disregard for honest, fair and ethical win/loss play. Some of us, including myself, have either purchased, downloaded free apps or worked hard for our chips only to have Pokerist steal them from right under our noses. Their illegal and discriminatory win/loss system makes it impossible for any of us get ahead and play fairly.

I will continue to share my screen shots, and welcome comments and pictures outlining any underhanded issues you too might be experiencing!

Good luck and take care my fellow players!